Department of Multimedia

Head: Pavlidis P. George
Staff: Koutsoudis Anestis
Postgraduate researchers:
Research assistants: Arnaoutoglou Fotis

The Multimedia Department (MMD), of the Cultural & Educational Technology Institute (CETI) of 'Athena' Research Center, is one of the oldest Departments of the Institute. It focuses its R&D efforts in innovative ICTs in Culture and Education. The Department is based upon its specialized scientific personnel, its computing facilities and its special purpose digital equipment that includes a complete photographic studio, various 2D/3D projection units, video and sound editing systems, advanced, high fidelity and heavy duty copying and imaging systems (high resolution scanners, specialized film and slide scanners, book scanner etc.), as well as high resolution 3D scanners, 3D cameras, multi-spectral cameras, etc. MMD has a long experience in R&D projects targeting innovative ICTs and especially multimedia solutions for educational and cultural applications. These projects involved multimedia applications, multimedia databases, multimedia processing, multimedia indexing, metadata and content-based retrieval. The Department consists mainly of two researchers, aided by personnel of the other Departments of the Institute and by external collaborating researchers and technicians. Research at MMD focuses on the development of methods and tools for 3D representations of actual and virtual worlds, 3D representation of multi-dimensional data, content?based analysis and organization of multimedia collections, human-computer interactions, intelligent user interfaces and ambient intelligence.

Accomplishments so far:

  • Algorithms and techniques for 3D data indexing, annotation and content-based retrieval

  • Strong background in techniques for 3D digitization and virtual reconstructions of small-to-large scale objects and open spaces

  • Strong background in environments for virtual exhibitions and museums, and intelligent virtual walkthroughs

  • Algorithms and techniques for multi-dimensional data visualization

  • Algorithms and techniques digital imaging

  • Strong background in multimedia database development in relational and hierarchical forms

  • Strong background in media processing and multimedia development for desktop and web-based applications

Current research directions:

  • Innovative content-based virtual walkthroughs

  • 3D content-based retrieval and shape matching

  • 3D model analysis and annotation

  • Serious games (game-based learning) using 3D game engines

  • Real-time 3D graphics and virtual reality technologies

  • Innovative human-computer interactions and intelligent user interfaces

  • Ambient intelligent applications

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